Dear customers,

Porta Ltd., established in 1994, became important supplier of specialties to chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Activities of Porta Ltd. are oriented mainly towards representation of foreign companies and distribution of their products on the Czech market. Our web pages are, therefore, focusing on our Czech customers first of all.

On the other hand our company is the exporting arm of Czech customs manufacturing and toll synthesis companies. You will certainly appreciate our general product list "Custom Syntheses and Chemical Specialties" but other non-listed items can be checked.

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Porta s.r.o.

Zelený Pruh 99, 140 02 Prague 4, Czech Republic

telephone: +420-241091211 (centrála)

fax: +420-241442734, +420-241440959


Identifikační číslo: 61498882

Porta s.r.o. je zapsána u Městského soudu v Praze, spisová značka C30480.